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Monday, April 19, 2010


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The Track Alpha Centauri was NOT 'remixed' in 1995.
Edgar only overdubbed the original 2-Track recording with pointless digital sounds.
This is big difference!

Neil Perryman

Thanks for the comment. I almost said they were 'tangentalised' but then I assumed newcomers to the band wouldn't know what that actually meant. It's something I'll deal with at length when I finally get to the 1990s....

And by adding new sounds to the final mix, it's still technically remixing, surely?


When you Re-Mix, you have to go back to the original multitrack tapes and mix them again.
That's not there case here.


My favourite TD album, over the last year, this has really grown on me a lot. Love the organ sound and the end of Alpha Centauri (title track) is magnificent.

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